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In 1998, David MacDonald and George Zimmer, founder of the Men's Wearhouse, formed a partnership in Regal Aviation, an aircraft sales, management, charter, maintenance and FBO. In 1999, Regal was the only charter company in Texas to be Wyvern and AR/GUS Platinum rated and one of only 6 in the U.S. to have these top safety ratings.

Competing against 6 other FBOs at Love Field, Regal was named number two FBO in the nation in 2006, under the leadership of Debbie MacDonald. In late 2006, Regal was sold and David and Debbie MacDonald continued on in the corporate aircraft sales with formation of Aeropremiere.

Aeropremiere continues the legacy of superior client satisfaction for the aviation industry. The same dedication in customer service that propelled Regal to the top of the industry is evident today with Aeropremiere.



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